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castello carlo v
Castle of Charles V

Guided tour of the Castle of Charles V to visit the Church of Santa Barbara , the parade ground , the medieval towers and the Sala Maria d’ Enghien where there are panels and archaeological finds that tell the history of the castle from the Middle Ages to the present day . The tour continues with a walk inside the underground galleries of the castle , corresponding to the medieval moat , brought to light during recent archaeological excavations . The tour ends with a visit to the Museum of the Papier Mache where there are information boards that tell the origins of Lecce and , since 1700 , of numerous workshops of master paper pulp and which exhibits works of artists covering a span that reaches to this day ; in a short film also it describes the process by virtue of which the papier-mâché statues.

Duration: about three hours

N.B. Recommended in combination with the educational workshop on Processing of Papier Mache.

castello teatralizzato
Castle dramatized

Visit dramatized the Castle of Charles V of Lecce
A Guide actor, a beautiful castle and some of the most important people who lived there, all in costumes d’era, to bring you to discover the beauty of a place of ‘ excellence, the Castle of Charles V, his stories and anecdotes.

Duration: one hour and a half

lecce ebraica
Itinerary of memory

From 19 January to 28 February 2015
Jewish GLA Jewish presence in Lecce is linked to the time of maximum commercial expansion of the city between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries . The anti-Jewish legislation enacted at the beginning of the sixteenth century earlier by Ferdinand the Catholic and then by Charles V have erased the material evidence of the Jewish community settled there . However , the names of the streets and in the history of the buildings that were built in ancient Giudecca , you can still reconstruct the history of this community that has helped , especially in terms of economic development of the city as we know it today.
The route moves in the ancient pittagio of San Martino , between Piazza Sant’Oronzo , the Basilica of Santa Croce , Palazzo Persone Palazzo Adorno , Street Synagogue , Abraham Balmes Street and the Castle of Charles V.

Duration: one hour and a half approx

lecce natalizia
Christmas time

December 6 to 24

The route moves through the historic center of Lecce , telling the story of this city since ancient times – Messapian and Roman – to the splendors of the city Renaissance and Baroque Itinerary : Porta Napoli , Piazza Duomo , the Cathedral , Bishop’s Palace , Church of St. Irene , Piazza Sant’Oronzo , Roman Amphitheatre , the Basilica of Santa Croce and the Palazzo dei Celestini . Along the way , it will stop at the shop of a cartapestaio where the kids will learn the way the craftsmen create fine works in papier mache . The itinerary includes a visit of the former Convent of Teatini where there is the traditional Fair Puppet and the Crib of Saint Lucia and where you can admire and purchase artifacts typical handicraft Salento.

Duration: about three hours

lecce teatralizzata
Lecce dramatized

Guided tour of Lecce dramatized
Guided tour of the historic center of Lecce with theatrical incursions made by actors in period costumes , which resemble famous people of the past , and by tour guides who take visitors on a tour of the city spread , to discover the beauty of the place, its stories and anecdotes .

Duration: about two hours

salento archeologico
Salento Archaeological

A journey in Salento between archaeological sites and material evidence that tell us of an area inhabited since prehistoric times. It offers one of the following routes:

– For the prehistory visit to the Archaeological Park of Santa Maria di Agnano and Museum of Southern Murgia Pre-Classical in Ostuni . Duration : a full day ; or Dolmen and Menhir in Giurdignano in “Megalithic Garden of Italy”. Duration: half day

– For the Messapian civilization visit to the Park of the Warriors and the Archaeological Museum of Vast , with walk along the Walls Messapiche Castro and visit to the Aragonese Castle of Castro and his museum. Duration: a full day

– For the civilization of the Romans visit to the Museum and Archaeological Park of Egnazia and at the Museum ” F. Ribezzo ” Area archaeological site of San Pietro degli Schiavoni and the Palace Nervegna Brindisi. Duration: a full day

salento bizantino
Salento byzantine

From the eighth century. A.D. many monks of eastern origin arrive in Salento creating the “rock civilization” Salento and there are many testimonials about their presence in the area. The itinerary includes visits to four sites (your choice) among those listed: Crypt of Santa Cristina and Marina in Carpignano Salentino, one of the oldest examples of Byzantine painting in Puglia; Church of St. Peter in Otranto where there are frescoes on the life of Christ; Crypt of SS. Stefani and Byzantine Fresco Museum in Vast, where are placed the frescoes from the Crypt of St. Mary of the Angels (admission extra 4 € / pax); Church of Santa Maria dell’Itri in Nociglia, authentic pictorial schedule consists of seven layers of frescoes that are layered from the eleventh to the eighteenth century; Church of Santa Marina in Muro Leccese, which houses a cycle of frescoes of the tenth century that depicts the life and works of St. Nicholas of Myra; Crypt of Santa Maria della Grotta in Ortelle, within which is a very rare Allegory of the Roman Catholic church named: the “Manifesto of Latin Ortelle”.

Duration: a full day