Festivals and patronal luminarie

In Salento, especially in summer, the festivities are so many; each country has its own patron saint is celebrated with great participation of the faithful and the curious.

Although each of the features, these sacred events are the common features: the procession, for example, is the time where the patron saint is carried on the shoulders in procession through the streets of the town, in long processions in which the moments of prayer are frequently interrupted by the singing of the faithful and the music performed by one or more bands opera. Resorts such as Leuca, Santa Cesarea Terme, Otranto offer the opportunity to attend suggestive processions to the sea where the statue of the patron is placed on a boat decorated with flowers, garlands and streamers, and is followed by a long trail of boats.

In occasion of the festivities in the streets and village squares are dressed up with lights. It is extraordinary architecture of lights consist of large wooden structures covered with thousands of colored lights whose ignitions, in recent years, are made up of extraordinary effects and light, which in turn are accompanied by a musical scene enriched with fireworks ‘artifice. Plants, allestisti by master spotters, can reach considerable height reproducing large tunnels, towers, castles and cathedrals.

To conclude the festival is the spectacle of fireworks that takes place usually at night.

Feast of St. Oronzo

Lecce ( 24 – 25 – 26 August)

It is the traditional event which ends the summer of Lecce . The festivities religiosiiniziano the afternoon of 24 when Piazza Duomo gather the different religious brotherhoods , local officials and a crowd of faithful to follow the long procession through the streets of downtown . A full calendar of events featuring the three-day festival dedicated to St. Oronzo , Giusto and Fortunato ending 26 evening with the night show of fireworks

Feast of Santa Cristina

Gallipoli ( 23 – 24 – 25 July)

Patroness of Gallipoli since in 1867 liberated the city from cholera , is the object of great devotion in the three -day festival dedicated to her . A papier-mâché statue of herself tied to a post and pierced by arrows is placed in the church overlooking the ancient port city . A characteristic moment of the celebration is the ‘ bonanza ‘ , a competition between the boys who must climb over a pile of dirty grease that sticks on the water to retrieve the flag on the end of it

Feast of Santa Domenica

Scorrano ( 5 – 6 – 7 July)

The patron saint festivities in honor of Santa Domenica make Scorrano – home of master spotters – the world capital of the illuminations .
The tradition of ‘ light ‘ in Scorrano is linked to salvation assured by holy to the villagers affected by an epidemic of plague ; the sick , in fact, once healed they had to turn on the oil lamps on the windows as a sign of healing . In a short time all the land of lights shone and the disease was eradicated .

Feast of St. Louis

Calimera ( June 21 )

Every year on the day of the summer solstice and coinciding with the feast of St. Louis colorful lanterns made with simple materials such as rods , wire , glue and tissue paper light in a very picturesque streets and courtyards of the historic center of this small town of Salento Greece