Means of Transport

Bicincitta’ and ‘ an innovative bicycle rental automatico.Chi arrives in town ‘ by bus , train or your own car now has the chance ‘ to use a bicycle to get around easily and in freedom ‘ .
11 points in the city ‘ are placed the stations at which , through an electronic card , and ‘ can take your bike . The delivery of the bicycle can ‘ take place in a location other than where and ‘ was taken , just to facilitate a strong integration with other means of transport .

From the City Terminal of Lecce the shuttle for the Brindisi airport



LECCE – City terminal 5:35 7:15 9:50 11:00 13:05 15:00 17:05 18:20 20:15
BRINDISI – Aeroporto 6:15 7:55 10:30 11:40 13:45 15:40 17:45 19:00 20:55



BRINDISI – Aeroporto 6:20 9:00 11:05 12:25 14:05 16:15 17:45 19:00 23:20
Lecce – City terminal
7:00 9:40 11:45 13:05 14:45 16:55 18:25 19:40  0:00

Railways South East are , in fact, most public transport company operating in the Puglia region that combines the regional capital , Bari and much of the province, to the provinces of Brindisi , Lecce and Taranto , forming , thus , a branched fabric communication that connects people and countries along the Salento peninsula .
The rail network , with its 474 km . line , is , after the State Railways ( which is interconnected ) , the largest homogeneous network Italian ; it runs through the four southern provinces of Puglia , linking the capitals of Bari , Taranto and Lecce , as well as 85 municipalities in their district ; in the district south of Lecce are the only carrier rail .
The public transport service is assured even with the car carrier , on relationships , in most integrative and / or replacement of the rail carrier , serving more than 130 municipalities , from Bari up to Gagliano del Capo .

“SalentoinBus” is an initiative of the Province of Lecce to meet the demand for tourist mobility particularly intense in summer. The service operates from June to September, allows interested visitors to easily reach the main sea resorts of Salento (Otranto, Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca) and coastal areas with high population density seasonal (Porto Cesareo, Torre Bear, Gallipoli South coast, coastal S. Caesarea, Castro, Santa Maria di Leuca) without the need to have your own transportation. SalentoinBus is divided on nine main lines that represent the colors of the brand “Salento of Love”, supplemented by other secondary lines of local interest that allow travelers to reach, then, not only the sea resorts but also all other locations the whole territory salentino.Inoltre, times of different races have been designed to ensure maximum integration with the long distance bus to and from Lecce: in fact departures and arrivals are organized in conjunction with the arrivals and departures of trains and planes (bus Shuttle to and from the airports of Brindisi and Bari).

The Public Transport Company ( STP ) of Terra d’ Otranto runs the urban transport as part of the Province of Lecce and Taranto and Brindisi on the guidelines for strengthening the service in the summer months with the Salento in bus . The transport service STP covers over two hundred locations

Sgm Spa manages the urban public transport in the city of Lecce .

Sixty daily media cover a network of 183 km throughout the city , covering a total of over 1.65 million kilometers each year .

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